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Naptime update.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm
Thanks for all the comments on Addie's less-than-desirable new sleep habit! I am happy to report that she does in fact know how to get back down (I don't actually think that was the issue as I watched her do it later that day without a problem...), but not happy that she has gone on a total sleep strike during the day. Yesterday she slept for 30 minutes in the stroller - ALL DAY. Would not sleep in her crib. She did play in her crib for 45 minutes in the afternoon (I had put a book and a few stuffed toys in there in the hopes that it would help soothe her), and luckily didn't really cry, but also never went to sleep despite being SO tired. This is not good. Not good for me, and not good for Addie. She still needs daytime sleep at this age, especially because she's only sleeping about 11 hours at night.

I still stick by our decision to let her cry it out - she's fine, I'm fine, and ultimately it worked that day. I realize this is where a lot of people will differ, on parenting styles and techniques, but for us this is what we've decided to do. I did try a couple of different techniques this weekend (all without much success) and think that Addie needs to work it out, while also knowing we're here for her. So what that looks like is the 5, 10, 15 minute technique. She cries for 5 minutes, I go in and lay her back down and tell her it's time to sleep, then leave. After 10 minutes of crying after that, I would go back in and repeat above. Then you wait 15 minutes to go in. Then you repeat the 15 minute time frame until she sleeps. It took us until the first 15 minute block for her to go to sleep, but she did and I didn't have to go back in. For sure it isn't pleasant, but I also don't believe that every time she cries I should be there soothing her. She isn't going to learn how to self-soothe that way, and we could get into a bad pattern. I make sure she knows I'm there, and that I'll be back, and reassure her without picking her up.

Ultimately I'm hoping this phase just passes quickly. It's making for a pretty long day for me, as she's still up at 5:30 generally every morning, and with no nap, there is NO break. Sigh. Being a parent is so not easy, but what a great challenge to take on : )
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