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naming the next child

Posted May 08 2009 10:34pm

Baby naming can be tricky. As parents, we labor over THE perfect name for our first child and probably even more so for the next kid. For us, we had our firstborn's name picked out ahead of time (as in before I was pregnant) so it was super easy. But when the second child or third or fourth comes around we feel pressure to picking another perfect name--especially if the next one is of the same sex. 

Do you need names that sound well together? How about picking names that great good together on the family Christmas card? If you give one kid a super creative funky name what do you do about the next? Do you get them relatively the same number of letters or start with the same letter?

My kids’ names both begin with the letter ‘A.’ That was NOT planned! People always comment about how cute, and my grandmother refers to them as “the A team.” It doesn’t help since my husband’s name also begins with an ‘A.’ But I swear we didn’t mean to do this. And should we have a third child, I’m not sure what we’ll do since people might expect for another A name. Quite honestly, we’ve run out of names we like so I guess we’re done having kids.

The Social Security Administration put out their list of top baby names  for last year and Emma and Jacob are the top winners for 2008. And while we can debate over and over about unique names (check out my recent article in Washington Parent to this topic), the question relating to Baby Bunching is what do you consider when naming subsequent children?

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