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Naitre Enchantee

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
Women NEED to see more births like this. This is NORMAL birth.

I love this video because it shows the mama vocalizing in a very productive manner. Not screaming, not yelling, but opening her mouth wide and letting the energy out. This was such an amazingly therapeutic and I think necessary act for me when I laboured and birthed Dakota and Levi. The " oooooooooooh"s and " aaaaaaaaaaah"s truly open a woman up on the inside. It's such a dance, labour and birth. I love the way her husband and her midwife were touching her also; soft, gentle stroking, not pushing her around or barking orders at her. So respectful.

Notice the babies reaction to being birthed. I always notice this about homebirth /natural births in general compared to the average medically-managed birth. Generally speaking. The baby cries a little, then when he is held close to his bare mama's chest, in the quiet, in the dim light, he's still. He's calm and very at peace. He's still naked, he's barely but thirty seconds old, but he's calm. His arms aren't out at his sides, he's not screaming, he doesn't have his eyes clamped shut to block out the glaring lights. He's calm, because his surroundings are calm.

It's just such a beautiful thing. It makes me sad to think that so many women in our country don't get to have this with their babies. And it's not like we're even giving this up in order to have safer births and newborns, because birth in the U.S. ranks VERY low on the safety index when compared to other industrialized nations. When you consider that about one in every three women who walk through a hospital's doors will be wheeled out with a major abdominal incision, or that a third of all women in our country will be given an episiotomy, is that safe? These are rates are MUCH too high. And it's not healthy. It's not healthy for women, it's definitely not healthy for babies, and it's not healthy for our society.

What is healthy is when women are given the ability to make informed decisions about their health care and that of their babies so that they can have safer, happier births with better outcomes. And then, have the resources available to act on their informed decisions. This means more hospitals with way lower cesarean and intervention rates {along with completely re-evaluating and re-constructing the current model of maternity care to INCLUDE midwifery as a fundamental part of that care}, and WAY more birthing centers with more midwives. The sooner the U.S. can catch on to what other countries already know, such as Sweden, where midwives and ob's work together with the support of the community and state, the sooner we can start to enjoy healthier, happier and safer births for ourselves and our babies.

Naitre _ enchantee
Uploaded by magalidieux

Thank you to Mommymichael for sharing this video!
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