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My Very Big Blog Announcement

Posted Oct 12 2012 8:00am

I’ll just cut right to the chase.

Who’s got two thumbs and is going to be on The Katie Show ?

This gal, right here.

Katie Couric, perhaps you’ve heard of her? :) She has her own national daytime television talk show and I’m going to be on it!! I know I had put a teaser out there like, a month ago, and I only finally have the official okay this week to share it here on the blog. It feels wonderful to get this off my chest!

Okay, let’s answer some important questions.

*whispers* Since late August. I know – I KNOW! Don’t kill me. I was contacted by the show through my blog and the rest is history.

Infertility! And, from talking and working very closely with the show’s producers, I’m excited by how infertility is going to be talked about and framed: less sensation, more compassion. A nice change of pace for our community, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, and plead the fifth. I will be on stage with Katie Couric as she interviews me live for the show. So, yes – definitely nervous. I hear wonderful things from the producers about how awesome Katie is to work with and if The Bloggess can do it , so can I.

I DON’T KNOW! I DON’T KNOW! It’s driving me crazy because my Asian skin + studio lighting is going to be interesting. I’m thinking a nice jewel tone blue perhaps? I don’t know. And I’m growing out my hair and having hair issues BUT my nails have been fantastic, so I know my nails will look nice… it’s all kind of a jumble right now. This I know for sure: glasses, clean underwear, earrings of some sort. The rest, from wardrobe to hair to makeup is still TBD.

They came to my house a few weeks ago to shoot some expository footage. They filmed the day our donor arrived (no, she will not be featured out of respect for our privacy and our disclosure preferences). They were here for ten hours, filming for very nearly the entire time; that footage will most likely be edited down to like, a one to three minute clip, max. It’s crazy! Television editing is fascinating. I had two cameramen, two producers and a freakin’ DOLLY set up in my house. Oh, and my cat Toro almost took out a lighting fixture because yanno, curiosity, cats and all that.

Also, one of my bucket list items was to be on The TODAY Show. But really, what it came down to was a chance to meet Katie Couric in person. And, instead of just a five minute segment with Matt Lauer at ass o’clock in the morning, I get a whole hour with Katie Couric instead. So, WAY better :)

OMG I KNOW, RIGHT?! I’m like a Venti quad espresso, Red Bull and speed cocktail! Okay, maybe that’s a litte much. But yes, VERY VERY EXCITED.

Nope :) Nice try, though. Still gotta wait til Monday. Besides, I actually wrote this post Wednesday night, so technically, at the time of writing, I haven’t even gotten my beta results yet. But at time of you reading this, we’ll already have found out. Whoa – I think we’re in the Matrix.

Fire away any more questions you have in the comments below and I’ll answer what I can! There’s still a lot yet more I’m not sharing and you’ll just have to wait until the show to know more.

I know, I’m a pissa, right? ;)

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