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My period was late by almost a week after sex but when I got my period (I think it was my period) it was short (only three days)

Posted by tomrach

I spotted brown, then pink and then I got pink/brown blood but not heavy not like a normal period. I started to feel extremely tired, and peed alot more and still do. I am very tired, I feel I need a nap to feel better. I get hungry, thirsty alot and my breasts are sore and nipples hurt. My nipples stick out. The ariolas look like they are getting bigger and have red bumps around my nipples. My breasts feel like they are fuller and bigger. I been having white egg yolk looking stringy discharge and not always stringy but still white. (sorry so gross) I am very nauseas alot (especially when I go to bed and when I wake up) My pants feel a bit snug. I also feel bloated and feel I need to have something in  my stomach often or I feel sick. I have gagged a few times but not have thrown up. Certain foods I didn't like before I like now but have cravings for certain foods and foods I liked before I don't want now. Had intercourse march 27 so it has been almost 4 weeks since then. I took a few pregnancy tests. The first one a week after we had intercourse because my period was late and my boobs hurt and had a minor back ache. Then i took several a week later and my last one thursday morning but all negative...coould I still be pregnant but it too early to test positive or could my cycle be way off and but still have all these symptoms. I have never experienced all these symptoms before. I just don't feel the same and want to kind of have an idea. Thanks.



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 In this type of situation, it might be best to talk to your doctor. First Response tests can detect pregnancy 5 days sooner than a missed period, or at least two weeks after intercourse. Some tests are accurate as soon as 10 days ater conception, while other could be negative for up to several weeks after conception. So even though you have gotten many negatives, it could be be the test sensitivity. Also note that this is assuming you haven't had sex since then, since you could have gotten pregnant in the between time if you had sex. A missed or scant period could be the sign of pregnancy so it's really hard to tell. It would be best to try and get a professional opinion since you have some of the signs of a pregnant woman, but your tests came out negative.

ok, thanks for the info.


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