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My period started Sept 27th & i haven't had one since. My breast haven't ever been sore,but have been for 2 wks.Could i be preg?

Posted by buttercupam

I have never had sore breasts for either pregnancy or any period, which is kinda confusing for me. They are hard and sore and seems to be getting more sensitive. I have had a small amount of weight gain and bloatedness.
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have you taken a home pregnancy test?
Not yet, i figured it might be too soon. I have had 2 pregnancies thru IVF, but have always been told getting pregnant on my own would be impossible. I guess getting pregnant on my own could have different side effects than that of an IVF pregnancy. My breasts are tender just my nipples throb. I wasn't sure if you start counting from the first day of your last period or the last day of it. You'd think i'd know all this stuff, but doing IVF everything was planned. And i've not ever had sore nipples for anything.
I have squeezed my nipples wondering if anything would come out and a very tiny bit of white milk like liquid came out. Of course that could be from me just squeezing them and not sure if i should even do that.
So I take it you don't know when you ovulated?
I don't. That's why i am hesitant on taking a test. But the very sore nipples thru me off as i've never had them before and the slightly late period.

what cycle day are you on?


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