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My period is about two weeks late and I had some spotting before my missed period. Am I pregnant?

Posted by TaylorT


Now, I know there are many many posts about this issue, I've researched a bunch of websites for a few weeks now and I now figured it was time to try this. My last period was May 23-31 (which is extra long for me) and my period calendar app on my phone (haha) says that I should have ovulated on June 10th, so give or take a day. Well, my boyfriend and I had sex a couple times during that week and on around June 11th or 12th I started that infamous brown spotting. The only difference is that mine lasted for at least a week! Some days it was a little more and sometimes there was barely anything, and toward the end it was a slightly more red looking, but still mucousy. My period was due on June 24th and lo and behold, no period! 14 days later, still no period. I took a HPT on the day of my missed period and it was negative, but I heard they don't work right away. Another thing is that as I feel some pregnancy symptoms: when I lay on my stomach or move around too quickly, I feel a really odd pressure in my stomach and sometimes and even hurts, I'm very tired and gassy - I know that I could just be looking for these symptoms, which is why I feel them... but my breasts aren't sore at all so I really don't think I'm pregnant. Ugh, I don't know! I was just hoping for some suggestions as to what it could be. Thanks in advance!
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I would recommend going to a doctor and getting tested, just to be sure. If you don't want to go to a doctor, I'd try taking another HPT since it takes awhile for your body to start producing the hormone that the HPT measures to determine whether or not you are pregnant. Since you do have some symptoms, its better to be safe rather than sorry.

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