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my period is a week late, and i have no white discharge, i have a urinary tract i pregnant...

Posted by ghaye

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when did you first get the UTI? When did you start medications for it?
i've got my first UTI last August 2009 but it was already cured..does it mean that i have a UTI that's why my period was been late?

if your UTI was at the beginning of your cycle then it is possible that the infection and subseqent medications caused your ovulation to be delayed or even make this cycle annovulatory (no ovulation this cycle).


Have you consulted your physican?

no...not i not  pregnant...?
i can't tell you if you are or aren't. You either need to speak with your doctor or take a home pregnancy test
i haven't seen my doctor yet..i'm on the process of observing my own body and wait for my's been 19 days and my period was too delayed..based on my observation i have a low fever every 8:00 in the morning and in the afternoon for about 2pm and 5pm...i have a swollen breast and if i didn't eat my stomach is aching and i feel like fainting..was not like before....
what do you consider to be a "low fever"? What temps are those?

I'm kind of having the same problem. My period was 5 days late and when it arrived it seemed to be joined by a UTI. The period only lasted two days but the UTI has continued. Currently taking antibiotics so hopefully that will get rid of it but not sure what the rest of it means...

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