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My period is 10 days late. I have some brown spotting and tender full breasts, but negative results on HPTs. Could I still be pr

Posted by johnnic

Hi All!! My LMP was on 5/17. My cycle is like clockwork every 28 days. Ovulation can vary in my cycle though. I've only missed my period twice in my entire life (been dealing with ol gal for 22 years). The first time I was pregnant, and this is the second. I've taken 5 hpts (used First Response and EPT) and all negative. I don't know if I'm testing too early but I seem to have all of the symptoms...periodic, dull, lower back ache (no cramping), firm and tender breasts, some waves of nausea (very little and no vomiting) and very very faint brown spotting for a few days (around the time my p should have been ending). I had an appt with my doctor for 7/18 just for a reg check up. She told me to just keep the date and journal my testing until I get a positive or come on my p. Just frustrated and need to know if anyone has shared this experience and still been pregnant? Just wondering how late anyone has tested negative on a hpt and still been pregnant?
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