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My new alarm clock. (Appt. update-all good!)

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Now some of you may be wondering what my new alarm clock has to do with baby girl Brown, but in fact it's going to be a VERY important purchase shortly.

Pretty soon I need to start pumping. Like, a bazillion times a day...ok, more like 6 times a day, and then once during the night. I wasn't sure how I was going to wake up at 2am, without feeling like someone was slamming me over the head, and without waking Adam up. My current alarm is a shrill beeping, which feels EXACTLY like someone is whacking you on the head with a squeaky toy, over and over again. Adam loves my current alarm (NOT). In fairness, I can actually stay asleep a LONG time with that shrill beeping (and he wakes up the moment the alarm starts) - it always seems to get incorporated into my dream...

So I found this new one by Timex, which has a CD player, mp3 outlet, a regular buzzer, and my personal fave, nature sounds. The nature sounds, especially the ocean waves, are amazing. It reminds me of Hawaii, and that is a great way to wake up.

The lactation protocol is going a-ok, and I have an appointment with the breastfeeding clinic in a couple of weeks. I'm sure that is going to make for a GREAT blog post, especially because I'm taking the super-duper Med.ela pump with me to learn how to use it (good thing Adam demonstrated for me first LOL) As for the mayday-mayday post from a while ago, I think I've gained about 5lb, but I can deal with that. Spring is right around the corner, which means jogging and biking in High Park - can't wait.

In other news, I have my oncologist appointment today. I should clarify all my cancer doctors, because I have a few of them. I have my gynecological oncologist (who I saw a couple of weeks ago), my radiation oncologist (who I'm seeing today), and my hematologist (who I also see once a year, alternating every 6 months with the radiation onc.) Essentially I am now down to three appointments per year, which is very exciting. And I think after September I may only have two visits a year, which will be great!

So today is my regular 6-month cancer check-up. I probably confused people with my post about my gyn. onc., because technically I'm not going to be celebrating my 5-year remission until October, after I've had my other two appointments this year. That appointment marked the beginning of the whole journey - this appointment today is when I'll get my bloodwork results etc. and have a more thorough check-up. Each time I have to go to Sunnybrook I have tingles of anxiety, but it has certainly gotten better over the years. So please send me good vibes again today!

I also think I've narrowed down a glider (I know, it's a miracle), and Adam has pretty much given up. He said the other night, and I quote, "Just get the one you want." YES! (I win!) However, I am not an irrational spender, so I will be very careful about how much I lay down for this particular piece of nursery furniture. I'm going to go try it out first to make sure it's comfortable.

I'll update later this afternoon after my appointment.
Happy Friday everyone!

***My appointment went great today. All results negative, which in cancerland is good, good news : ) Every time I meet with one of my cancer docs and they tell me that I'm in that 5-year homestretch, I feel even better - October 23rd, my official remission date, will be a big celebration this year. Not to mention we'll have a baby by then (and I'll have figured some of the new mom stuff out) will be nice to start a new chapter. I'm really looking forward to it.
Thanks for all the good vibes everyone - they ALWAYS help.***
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