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My name is Karma, and I'm a baby carrier addict.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Yup, I'm crazy for the baby carriers. I just ordered another one, the Ergo Baby Carrier, and can't wait for it to get here (although we may have to wait a few weeks for the little one to get some better head control). We currently own a pouch sling, a Moby wrap, and a Baby Bjorn - but there are challenges with all three, and they need to be used in different situations (I'm trying to justify the mass of carriers I'm accumulating...).

The pouch sling (by Pippalily) was AWESOME when she was a wee little baby - I'd say up until about 3 weeks ago. It was so easy to slide her in there and walk out of the house, hands free. Or to have her sleep in there when she wouldn't sleep anywhere else. But now she's bigger and just doesn't fit as well. She's pretty scrunched up in there. Now I know once she has better head control she can sit in the sling with her upper body out of it, but we're a couple of months away from that place. So for now, this sling has almost been retired.

Next is the Moby wrap - it's great for the stage she's at right now. I put her in a cradle position and she can look out as we walk, which she seems to love. However, it is somewhat complicated to put on (it's a huge piece of stretchy fabric that you wrap around and around), can be pretty warm for both of us, and doesn't work great on a sunny day (which for the record, none of the carriers do. Keeping a baby out of the sun in a sling or wrap or carrier is nearly impossible, and you can't put sunscreen on until they're 6 months old...hmmm. One of the challenges of a summer baby.)

Then we have the Bjorn - she doesn't love it right now. Not sure why, but it's her least favourite, so we haven't used it very often. I imagine when she's a little older and can face out in it that she'll enjoy it more. It also gets SO hot, both for little Addie and for whoever is wearing it. Definitely better for fall baby carrying, and for shorter walks as it's pretty hard on the back.

So here comes the Ergo. We've heard great things about this carrier, which is somewhat like a Bjorn but has some different features. It can also go on your back, which the Bjorn can't, and is apparently much easier on the back. Can't wait to try it out!

As I look for places to store all these various carriers, I keep thinking there must be ONE that really works from newborn to 1+ (the three I currently own say they're good from newborn up to 35 lbs), but I have yet to find it. I would also add/change a few things to each: for the Pippalily sling and Baby Bjorn I would add a zippered pocket to store money or keys. I would also add a strap on the Pippalily that was optional (could be snapped on) and went from back to front on the non-carrying shoulder to give some extra support (so all the weight isn't totally on the one shoulder). I would make different sizes of the Moby - there's so much extra fabric because I'm small that I end up having to tie a big knot on the front. I would create a sun shield that could be used with any sling/wrap...some kind of UV net that could be stretched over the opening of the sling/wrap somehow...maybe I'll work on this one...

In other news, yesterday we went for brunch with a good friend to one of our favourite little spots, Bonjour Brioche, and I totally chickened out on the breastfeeding in public. I *almost* did it, but the restaurant is one of those tiny little places, where people are practically sitting on top of one another, and I just felt like the guy sitting beside me was going to get too much of an eyeful. So I gave her a bottle, and then felt very guilty and disappointed in myself. To the point where when I brought it up, again (for the fifth time or so), to Adam he just looked at me and said, "I can't believe you're still thinking about it..." Basically telling me to LET.IT.GO. So I did. Big deal, so I didn't breastfeed in public. Addie still got fed, which is the important thing. Maybe one day I'll do it, and maybe I won't (although I probably will, seeing as we're only 2 months in and I'll be doing a whole lot of breastfeeding in the future).

Happy Monday everyone!
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