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my lmp was Jan 19th (27 day cycle) I had sex Jan 25th and again on Feb 5th.--

Posted by OctBabyGirl

my lmp was Jan 19th (27 day cycle) I had sex Jan 25th and again on Feb 5th.---I was expecting my next period on Feb 15th! notes: on the 6th & 7th I had a light pink not even steady enough to call a flow. on the 18th of Feb I had 2 little Spots very bright red in color, very small with a little cramping. When did I conceive???? BTW I'm 37 and this is my first.

Now keep in mind I have google thousands of ovulation charts so I know it said I should Ovulation on the 1st or 2nd of Feb. It's the spotting that tosses me off here. and the fact that NOT EVERYONE is a 14 day Ovulation. so I don't need a link added here.  

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The information you gave me isn't sufficient enough for me to make that determination for you.  If  you don't/didn't track your cycles then it is easier to go by LMP.


You could reverse guesstimate and count back 38 weeks from your due date (Because the first two weeks or so of your cycle is the follicular phase)

I'm a 27 day Cycle. what info do you need? It's not that I was trying here. it's a blessing for sure but and unexpected one :) so I was not charting my ovulation or temp. 

I still can't.  There are too many variables.  Did you have delayed ovulation? Is your follicular phase short or long? Is your luteal phase long or short?


So it would be easier to get a window if you count back 38 weeks from your estimated due date

I did and seeing I have a edd of Oct 26th it would be Feb 2nd. The RN did also tell me not to be surprised if I go a week later seeing it's my first. so if that is correct... would it have been impossible for me to conceive from Sex on Jan 25th and more likely on Feb 5th??? as far as my follicular phase & luteal phase I don't have a clue. like I said I wasn't trying to conceive here so I was not tracking.

the more likely date would then be Feb 5th.

and just an FYI: you don't necessarily have to be trying to concieve to find out what is normal for you as far as your reproductive cycle goes :D  

Oh trust after this I am going to make it a point to figure it out after the birth of my baby girl thats for sure :) Thank you. I have had a feeling it's the 5th. thank you
when did i get pregnant if my lmp was april 25th and i had sex april 24th and may 2nd ? and my due dats is january 30th ?
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