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My last period started on June 26 and it lasted maybe 4 days. Two days ago (July 10) I had cramping and light spotting and in t

Posted by butterfly

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It got cut off...

and in the past two days I have had a white creamy discharge.  Do you think this is implantation?

From what you have told me I say no.  July 10 would have been cycle day 16.  In order for that to be implantation bleeding you would have had to have ovulated approx CD11 or before that- which is kind of early. What is the average length of your cycles?

Are you checking your cervical fluid?

Creamy discharge is often seen both before and after ovulation so knowing exactly what the pattern is will help determine what is going on with your cycle

The average length of my cycles is usually 28 days however my period coming June 26th was early.  I was due to get it around the first of the month.
My cycle is usually 28 days in between.  My period that came on the 26th of June was early.  I was due to get it around the first of the month.

The cycle that ended 26June was early you say?


When did that particular cycle begin?

The cycle started June 26th and ended July 1.
I am asking about the cycle previous...before the 26June
That cycle started on June 2nd...I believe (either June 1 or 2)
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