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My doctor told me that the reason i cannot concieve a child is that i have too much testosterone in my body is there a way to fi

Posted by Peace_angel

He put me on birth control and said that woulkd help after a few months so far i have been on it for 7 months and there has been no change in my hormone levels
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have they found out the reason why your testostrone levels are so high or did they just put you on birth control?
They just put me on birth control and decided that would fix it and its not. My husband and i would eventually like to have kids but with the way things are looking it doesn't appear that we are going to have any.

I would insist they find out why the levels are so high.  Remember, you are paying them and you have to be your own advocate.  If your current physican refuses your request or tries to make you feel poorly because you want to know then choose a different physican.

It is best if they find out what is wrong and if they can fix it.  That way you know if you can have biological children in the future or if you need to choose a different road in family planning.

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