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My Daughter’s Vaccination Day

Posted Oct 24 2009 5:45am
My daughter is now 2 years and 2months old. When we go out we usually bring our daughter anywhere. Today we went to her pedia for her vaccination. She hates her Pedia very much. When we go to Jecson hospital for consultation, she usually tell me that she do not like to see her Pedia. She already knows the place. Her number is 34 so she has still time to play together with other kids in the room. I called them (with her daddy) to go out of the play room because it is now our turn.
First her Pedia examined my daughter’s physical appearance; checked her lungs, and throat. After a little conversation, he instructed to hold my daughter’s shoulder. It is about time for her vaccination. As expected, my dear daughter Kairi cried and get angry with her Pedia (shown in her teary eyes). Her dad just holds her out of the room while I talk to her Pedia for further instruction.

After her vaccination we go to her grandmother in the market. He played with Aaron, her nephew, for about one hour. After that we go to Bodega ng Bayan and bought her Cow toy, where she can ride like a cowboy (although the toy is not a horse!) I also bought some Christmas décor already since Christmas is near.
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