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my breasts are very sore and i have white discharge, why?

Posted by diamonds321

 I do get sore breast before my period but not like the dont touch kind. And never have i had white discharge with it. I also had cramps the first days my breast started to hurt now the cramps are easing up but not my breast. I also have to urinate a lot.   Im suppose to get my period on the 25th.  any suggestions? thank you tammy
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when was the first day of the cycle you are presently in (by this I mean the first day of full red flow)?
It was the 27th of August. I had intercourse on the 9th,10th, and 11th. My breast are still tender on the sides and around the nipple area; They feel mushy not firm like usual; and my lower ab near hair line area is tender as well. Its like dont bump me there. Not to where I am in pain or can't do my work. But you know its there.  If this is PMS I never had this before.  What do you think?
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