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My 10 week ultrasound shows excessive fluid around the baby's neck. Is this always chromosomal or can it still be a normal?

Posted by hopeful1

I did IVF and all ultrasounds from 5-9 weeks have been normal and all blood work has always been "really good levels."  They felt comfortable enough to graduate me to my regular ob/gyn.  My husband and I knew something wasn't right by the way the NP was acting.  Asking if they had seen fluid before and saying that if she were me she would want to be told that the fluid around the baby was concerning.  I am 38 and already planned to have all the "screenings" done she scheduled me for 11 weeks and said she'd ask the ultrasonographer if I should come in sooner.  Needless to say my husbabnd and I are petrified.  The office called later to say my ob/gyn wants me to have a special ultrasound done first thing on Monday - just waiting for HMO approval.  Can baby still be healthy??
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