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Posted Nov 10 2010 12:00am
I'm so behind on posts. Nearly every day I have something to say, but life and work always seem to get between me and blogging!

So I've posted about this before, but we seem to have a real music virtuoso on our hands. This kid never stops singing, and she particularly enjoys mash ups and creating her own customized songs...about Quincy, and shoes, and butterflies. The other afternoon she sat with our neighbour's daughter (who is a year older) in the driveway and gave a concert. Her little friend sat and listened intently as the kidlet sang her a series of songs over about 10 minutes. We were laughing because she would introduce each song before she sang it: "Now I'm going to sing Bwinkle Bwinkle Little Star..." and off she would go. I wish I'd had my camera outside to capture the moment. Awesome.

My mom has a piano (she's a beautiful pianist who can literally play anything by ear - amazing!) and the kidlet has really taken to it. It's where she spends at least half her time when she's at my mom's. Just playing along to her songs. I think piano and singing lessons may be in her future! Here's video my mom took during our last visit - in this one she isn't singing, but she's certainly intent on her piano playing.

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