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Multiple complications during Triplet pregnancy. is everything OK?

Posted by samchai0403

Me and my wife who is 33 now has been trying to have a baby for the last 6 years. We tried two IVFs, and there was no implantaion. The last one was in May 2009. In July 2009, she was anemic and it was found that she had an enlarged spleen. She was on antibiotice for almost two months. Also had some thyroid problem, for which she has been taking medicine for the last 2 years. In September 2009 she went for donor embryo and got pregnant. But She miscarried in the 7th week. She had also developed High Blood pressure during the pergnancy. After the miscarriage, she had to be given blood due to low Hemoglobin and was on blood pressure medicine for 15 days.  In December 2009, she again went for Donor embryo and got pregnant with triplets. Now She has a large fibroid in her uterus (which developed only during the pregnancy and is growing), which pains a lot. The doctor did an ultrasound on 20th January and he was not satisfied with the ultra sound saying one of the fetus is being pressed by the tumor. She has always been on very low diet. And She is not able to eat as required being pregnant with triplets. On 22nd Jan she developed skin alergy for which the doc advised alergy test, report of which is still awaited.

Is every thing OK or we have reasons to worry? 


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