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MSNBC: Egg Donors selling their eggs because of hard times?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:32am 2 Comments

  I agree that egg donation is a win win situation...its women helping women (or in some cases, helping men) by donating their eggs and earning money for the time and effort that they go through when they complete the process. What most people might not know is that if the donation is not completed, meaning if the cycle is canceled for any reason or the donor chooses to back out, there is no compensation. The egg retrieval MUST be completed and then there is payment at that point. As far as these economic times being a factor in the rise of egg donation....perhaps, but it might also be that there is more information out there regarding egg donation, more agencies are available across the country and its easier then ever to give your eggs as far as the location of the clinics and the women willing to use donor eggs.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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Agreed. South African egg donation ito donor compensation is as follows:

Fixed amount if donor eggs are retrieved

A smaller amount if the egg donor avails herself for the aspiration and

Smaller amount if the cycle is cancelled prior to any egg retrieval.


baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Makes sense! Thank you for your comments! ;-)


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