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Moving Ahead

Posted Dec 29 2008 12:00am

Hey, I'm still around, aren't you glad, LOL!

All is good, the beyouch came and is currently here as expected, gotta love her promptness and inexcusable visits even when she isn't welcome. Oh well, thats part of life. It's part of being infertile I guess too, sucks, but oh well.

Anyway, we are moving full steam ahead. After the insistant visitor leaves, I will go to doctor and talk about removing my only fallopian tube, the left one. The consensus is that MAYBE it has been the problem of NO implantations, MAYBE, just MAYBE?

It is useless really. But it just seems so final to me. After this NO MO' TUBES at all! Not like its helped me anyway, has it?  It is damaged and gives me pain sometimes and they said it could be leaking fluids (possibily infectious, took anitbitoics before last two transfers) into uterine cavity and interferring with implantation.

Even if its not the reason that all 6 of our transfers failed, i think it is a good idea to just get rid of it, don't you? Even though my tubes are unable to help get me pregnant, it feels scary somehow, but I have decided to just do it I guess.

In all fairness, before transfer number 5, two doctors did suggest I do the ligation, the closing off of it or a complete removal entirely. So what is best option, leave it, closing it off only or complete removal? I'll see what doctor says, what do you know about this, anything?

Nothing else too too exciting going on. Winter cooler weather is here, for us cold is like 40 F, LOL so we are punks for real! But I LOVE winter, especially these mild ones.

Hope you are all well, had great holidays and I am wishing all of us a baby-filled 2009! Oh yeah and I will also wish for PEACE in this crazy world of ours, you too ok?

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