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Mother Nature

Posted May 31 2009 10:39pm

I have been communicating with another strong mama.  A mama,Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, who skillfully (and what skillindeedis required) carved out time, while nourishing and nurturing two beautiful daughters, to share her thoughts, kernels of wisdom, with fellow moms.  This booklet,Mother Nature, is about the journey, about one mom's journey towards natural birth and conscious mothering.  It is a bold booklet because instead of waiting for perfection, Ekere put it out there, put it out there because her words needed to be shared NOW.  When I first read this, I thought, I wonder if Ekere wanted to write a book, but how to find the time to do that with little ones!  Her booklet reminds me (I need to be reminded) that sometimes we have to take baby steps along the road to fulfilling our dreams (or towards having an empowering birth!).Ekere is a poet and her booklet reads like a poem.  Mother Natureoffers some excellent tips for using herbs, green cleaning, healing after birth, yoga during pregnancy and more. Mother Nature is listening to another mama who has been there, it is a guidebook that flows.

Because it can be very stressful for moms awaiting its arrival, in the breast-feeding section I might add that it can take two or three days (or more) for your milk to change from colostrum to mature breast milk (longer after cesarean birth).  And I would LOVE for Ekere to include her birth stories.  I guess that means Ekere will have to put out another booklet in the future (and a book of poetry too).

It was the poem on the first page that drew me into this book. Because it is so beautiful, I would like to share it with you:

Mother NatureEkere_PICT1164

(For Millie)

She comes to me

daughter of dandelion

and redwood tree

prayer christening her womb with kicks

worry flits across her smile

she explains the tug of war

between kale and quarter water

asphalt and oat straw

women tell her horror stories

but she hears whispers

a woman of cotton fields

and white sage guiding her to red

raspberry leaf and the power of her own scent

this full moon

will birth a new moon

open radiant like night sky

eclipse boundaries

speak in her foremother’s voice

this full moon will walk across burning stars

in a ritual as ancient as constellations


knowing her strength pulls

the Earth closer to herself.

--Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

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