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Mother Aborts Baby After Suffering Severe Morning Sickness

Posted Jun 24 2010 12:00am

I'm pro-life but was very moved by a  story  I've just read in the Mail Online. 

The article details how one mother chose to have an abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy , despite desperately wanting her unborn baby, because she was suffering so badly from a severe form of morning sickness, known as hyemesis gravidarium, that she felt termination was the only solution. The condition left her so debilitated that she was unable to properly care for her young daughter or see to her needs.

Having suffered from dreadful  morning sickness throughout all three of my pregnancies, thankfully it was never so bad that I ever considered taking any form of action besides ensuring I didn't get dehydrated and trying to get as much rest as possible, which eased my symptoms somewhat.

However, I find it heartbreaking that a baby's life can be ended because science still doesn't know exactly what causes some women to suffer morning sickness so severe that they are unable to continue with their pregnancies. 

The mother involved in this case is not alone. Apparently many women take the same action and for the same reasons, but sadly most of these women got pregnant because they desperately wanted a child and never anticipated an abortion would be the end result.

So sad.

For those of you currently experiencing morning sickness, I've written an article outlining some tips for coping with morning sickness .

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