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Morning After Pill- Please Help!

Posted by Mro

I had unprotected sex 5 days after the end of my period. I took the MAP within 24 hours afterward. I thought I had my period a week after taking the pill, but it was only for a couple days. There wasnt anything unusual about the period tho, just shorter. Its now been about 3 and a half weeks since i took the pill and I was supposed to have my period last week. I've been really stressed so I think that might affect things, and I've read that the MAP really messes up your schedule. Any help would be appreciated.
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The bleed was the beginning of a new cycle.  The way it prevents pregnancy is dosing your body with a high level of hormone and when the levels drop what is called a "withdrawl bleed" happens and resets your cycle.
So I am not pregnant?
probably not... at this point you aren't even late
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