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More Teeth, No Sleep

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am
The doctor called. When I see them on Tuesday for my just-about-halfway appointment, they will be giving me another prescription for an ultrasound. So hopefully we will have a definite answer on gender within the next 2 weeks. Which is good since the Hellion asks me if the baby is a boy or girl at least once a day. Twice today and it's before noon.

The Monster Baby is fighting a very long fight with sleep. I had hoped it was due to teething but she cut 3 teeth recently (making 5 total) and she still fights nap time, bedtime and sleeping through the night. She stopped sleeping through the night in the end of June and is up every morning at 2am wanting out of the crib. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries of lying her back down to get her to go to sleep. Sometimes it takes being let out of the crib for over an hour to get her back to sleep. And she'll only go to sleep for the husband. We just yell at me. So he's annoyed about having to be the one to get up every single night with her. And I'm annoyed because it seems with this pregnancy that any whining is more grating than usual.

Speaking of this pregnancy, the baby has found my cervix. Causing those horrible stabbing pains in a delicate place. Between this and the Monster Baby's protest against sleep, the current pregnancy has stopped flying by and now seems to be taking forever.
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