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More Insurance, Free ultrasound, and My symptoms

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

My social worker just called. The letter I got from the doctor was unacceptable, as I assumed. Easily cleared up, I called the doctor, got a different receptionist who said I can come in whenever I'm free and she will write me a new letter including all the information I initially requested.

Of course since it is already the 27th of April, there is no way to get all the paperwork in by May 1, so I have to reapply for health insurance. I filled out the application and now that I will have the note from my doctor I will be fine. Except we need proof of the husbands income. He has a job, but works under the table for his cousin. So, alas, no paystubs. Since he works on a as needed basis, they need proof of income for the past 8 weeks as his income fluxuates greatly week by week. He gets paid in cash, so I have no idea how much he really makes. I wrote the note for his cousin to sign leaving blank what he made each week figuring either he or the husband can figure that out. Now I just have to see if he is willing to sign it. If not, we're screwed. His brother is going to have him call me back as soon as he gets to the jobsite. So I sit and wait.

I have decided to circumvent the system ultrasound wise. There is a clinic a few towns over that gives free ultrasounds for use as pregnancy confirmations for insurance companies. I used them to get the insurance for the first miscarriage. I called them and left a message that I wanted to make an appointment. I may not get in for a few weeks, but at least I am ensuring that I will get an ultrasound by the time I am 8 weeks. I don't really like it there as they are a non profit run by a conglomerate of churches so they are big on preachiness. Miscarriages are God's will and all that. But a free ultrasound is a free ultrasound, so I complain, but I still go.

I finally started having actual symptoms, so I am feeling slightly better about this pregnancy. I'm barely nauseous, but I've been having this weird burping that causes what I can only believe to be bile in my mouth. Sort of a cross between a regular burp and throwing up in your mouth. With the aftermath being the slightest tingle of heartburn. Weird but kind of a crossbreed of pregnancy symptoms. My boobs kinda hurt, but that just may be because of their size. I was a C cup when I got pregnant the first time. I ended up a DD. They have grown each subsequent pregnancy (remember, this is pregnancy #5 for me) so they are basically enormous now. I have no idea what size they actually are, as I just wedge myself into the largest bra whatever store I am shopping in carries. I'm tired all the time, which is normal for me, but I actually have to take midafternoon naps now. And wow, the mood swings. I was actually crying the other day because the house was dirty. Now, those who know me know that I really don't give a crap if the house is a disaster, but for some reason this seemed like a sign to me that my life was spiraling out of control. About a half hour later I was fine, but for those twenty minutes it was the end of the world. Weirdest thing is, I'm actually happy anytime these symptoms appear. Just makes me think this pregnancy may possibly stick around.

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