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More good byes

Posted May 18 2009 12:00am
Well before I get to the post at hand, let me give a big thank you Uncle Ray & Aunt Gabbi who sent these adorable outfits for the boys when Elijah was born. If you can't read them they say: 2x The Diapers; 2x the Feedings; 2x the Love. Ain't that the truth. We took this photo below before we headed to church

All right, so now for the real post. More good byes. Or, as I like to call them, "see-ya-laters". They don't seem to hurt quite as badly. Our Care Group got together yesterday evening at Turkey Creek to say good bye to Caleb, The Rabens, and the Itiburus. I can't believe we are losing so many people at one time. Here are some snaps from the evening
Isaac with our Care Group Leader, Bernard.

Elijah with his surrogate Grama here in Eglin -- Roxanne. Desmond, is moving in just a few days! :(

Isaac eating some banana with his buddy Monica (Bernard & Lisa's daughter)

One of the fun things that we were able to watch last night was Isaac actually playing with other kids. He was the littlest one and definitely way behind all the time, but he was actually trying to join in. He's a big observer and up until last night, he usually just sits back and watches. Last night was a different story. It was actually a bit emotional for JB and me to watch. Our little baby is growing up into a little boy. I can't believe that the baby we waited for for so many years is one and getting bigger everyday. Here's a few pictures of him trying to keep up with the big kids:

We are so amazingly blessed by our Care Group. They truly are our spiritual family here at Eglin! Last night just reminded us what a blessing they are to us.

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