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MONDAY RAMBLINGS: "A little wisdom goes a long way……."

Posted Feb 17 2014 11:28am

It won’t  hurt  if we use wisdom when we speak to each other concerning certain subjects, like, for someone who  is struggling with infertility, don’t tell them that their struggles is a blessing in disguise because of how expensive  and difficult it is to raise children. Trust me, they won’t see it that way and they will resent you.  During my infertility struggles, I had  it said to me a few times, why was I so stressed about having children, It got to me even more when someone I cared about a lot told me that she does not thin k that she would be so stressed and troubled if she had to struggle to have children. I knew she meant well, but I just could not receive that at the moment, instead I said to myself, how cruel, how could she say this when she has a child.
In the same way, you , a married individual, cannot say to someone who wants to be married  to never do it because marriage is hard  work and that they should be happy they are  currently alone and have no one to answer to. I know you most likely mean well, but they will resent you for saying this. The thing is , we all yearn for things in our lives which we feel would make us complete, I yearned so much for  children, because I felt they would make my life more meaningful and complete and how dare someone to say to me to turn down or shut off my yearning, when they are having the experience of  raising children, whether difficult or not. It is important then to use wisdom when we try to help each other out  along certain lines, in life. We have to allow people to pave their own pathways and have their own  experiences  so that they can learn from these experiences, which should make them better, stronger  individuals. DON’T CHEAT THEM OUT OF THIS.

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