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Mistake Number Twelve of the Top 14 Mistakes not to Make as a Surrogate or Gestational Carrier: Thinking That it is OK to Use Fe

Posted Apr 13 2010 1:00am
Mistake #12- Thinking that it's OK to use federal or state funded medical insurance for a surrogate pregnancy
Why you should NOT do this: I think this is pretty obvious. It is simply illegal to use a federally or state funded insurance to pay for the prenatal care and/or birth in a surrogacy situation. If you do not have maternity coverage in place then you can have your Intended Parents pay for a policy. This may mean that you have to accept less compensation but that is only fair as a policy can cost over $4,000.00+
I would like to add that If you have a policy that has a surrogacy exclusion and try to use it any way and your insurance company finds out you could be dropped from your policy. You would be ineligible for Insurance benefits and maybe hard to get covered anywhere. Consider your own future when offering to be a surrogate. Don't get in trouble trying to do a 'good deed'. It's not worth it in the long run!
**Check out New Life for Insurance Policies that can cover a surrogacy pregnancy.
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