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Mission Impossible

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:31pm
Bjorn helped me accomplish the impossible last night. Instead of switching shifts, he decided to just stay up a little later with me - much better idea! He patiently worked with Liana while I was feeding Amaya, walking and singing to her. An hour later she was in her swing - sleeping. When he closed that nursery door behind him, I wanted to give him a standing ovation! It is amazing what a difference that second set of hands made!
Now granted, it only lasted about 20 minutes before she was up and fussing again (and at that point Bjorn had gone to bed) - BUT I was done feeding Amaya and had her calm enough that I could actually put her in the swing and tend to her sister for a moment. They were still fussing for the rest of their 4 hour period, just like they usually do, and I spent the majority of that time running from one swing to the other, trying to shoosh and calm, or I switched back and forth between holding them. But Bjorn's extra hour at the beginning of the crazy period made the difference between fussing babies and hysterically screaming ones - and that's a big difference.

So last night, we just split the difference in regards to sleep, I stayed up half hour later at the end of my shift, so we each got 30 minutes less sleep - which might not seem like a lot, but when you are only getting a handful of hours, it actually makes a difference. We'll have to see how we proceed forward. If the situation was under control by 11 and Bjorn would go to sleep then, we'll probably just deal with the reduced amount of sleep for the rest of their fussiness period, which hopefully (!!!!) is only another couple of weeks or so. But there is just no way he can stay up until 2am with me every night.

Another thing that we did last night, however, that really made a difference is: The girls recently started going one 5 hour stretch between feedings in the early morning, so Bjorn is actually only giving them one bottle during his shift. Since they are still supposed to get that 2nd bottle of fortified breast milk, however, I started giving it as my last feeding of the night. And, oh my gosh, it is SO easy to bottle feed them at the same time - which is perfect for extremely fussy babies. I feel bad because I think if I'm the one doing the feeding, I should really breastfeed them - but since they still need that extra bottle of fortified breast milk, I might as well use it to my advantage!
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