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missed periods

Posted by marie chona

i had my period last 27th of september i'm supposed to have last 24th of october but missed my periods for almost 22 days. before my expected date i've experienced a brown discharge from my vagina after a week or so i've experinced a clear discharge and then after another week i experinced a milk or white discharge but still don't have my period. what's wrong? i took a pregnancy test and the result was negative.
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wait another 3 or so weeks then buy 3, it doesnt have to be name brand, they actually all test for the same stuff, take one every morning as soon as you wake up, 3 days straight, if even one is positive call your gynocologist, get a refference for a obgyn and set an appointment. that whitish discharge is called luekkhoria, not sure how to spell it but its a typical pregnancy sign and doesnt mean you have a std or anything, you should only be alarmed if it has a yellow or blue tint.
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