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missed abortion

Posted by vanita

I got married april 2007. May 2007 i was on birth control pills. I left taking it from june onwards and conceived on september 2007. i was 7th week along when slight spotting occurred and the docter suggested me complete bed rest and gave me susten and week later again slight spotting was observed and i was admitted , next day on ultrasound ..the pace of the fetal grwoth wasnt very gud and was advised for a D&C. after that i was sugested not to conceive fr three months and was on pills 'crisanta'. After taking the pills for three cycles i stopped it and now its been 4 months i am trying. i have grown overweight after the D&C. i was overweight before marraige but i lost considerable amount arround my marraige as i used to go fr four hours aerobics everyday for a year and reduced i have gained the time of D&C my thyroid was three units high but after two three weeks it came out normal and no medications were required fr it. can u tell me when will i conceive? docter has told me light exercises and no jumping. m really growing sad day by day.

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No one can determine when you will conceive.  All you can do is determine when you Ovulate and make sure to have intercourse in your fertile window. 

Really though, four months trying is still well within what is considered "normal" for conception time.  If you add in the cycles from 2007 that is still only 7 cycles (within a year/12 cycles the majority of women under the age of 35 will concieve-over 35 it is 6 cycles).  

A healthy couple (no known fertility issues) with perfect timing will still only have about a 25% chance of conception per cycle. 

Hope this helps

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