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Posted by jeevesy

So i had a really weird and late period, im always regular, and this period only lasted 3 days or so, then all was good for about a week, but im a little fuzzy on that, anyways, i start getting this pink discharge that kinda loks like the end of a period only pink. then i get this brown stuff, and then 4 days ago i start getting my period, only its really really heavy and there is really smal clots, so i get a little concerned, on day 2 and go for a pregnancy test, just incase( on this day i was having to change my tampon every hour and it was definitly needed) So at about 10 that night i decide prolly a good idea to go to the doctor as i had been bleeding all day really really heavy (which is not normal for me) and they do a blood test urine test and a pap smear, everything seems ok, then today i start geting worse bleeding after it had almost all but gone away, with clotting( it looks like sall clots all together, not one solid one or anything) but now im worried that maybe i got pregnant, but not actually and i may be having a miscarriage, i dont know if its possible, but im worried maybe i just have thin uteris lining and i dropped everthing before it even had a chance to show up on a test?? i dont know tho and i am a little concerned any advice???
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the doctor's would have detected a level of hCG in your system when you had your blood beta results.


I would make another appointment with your physican because there could be another cause of the bleeding.

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