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Milk, milk, and more milk.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Jenna is a super-duper-milk-producer. She is such an overachiever in the breastmilk department...what can I say, it does leave me a little jealous from time to time : )

Adam and I went and bought a chest freezer specifically for this frozen milk she's pumped (actually, my mom and stepdad bought it for Addie) - her chest freezer is literally filled to the brim with milk. Nothing else in that freezer, and it's starting to become a problem for them. Where do they put the frozen foods? When can they buy boxes of frozen chicken again? Yeah, we need to get that milk outta there!

So the freezer is in our basement, ready to go, and when we went to plug it in we realized the outlet was on the other side of the room. Way on the other side. So while Adam was away I got an extension cord to run to the freezer. Then I opened the freezer manual and on the first page is bold letters it reads, "Do NOT use an extension cord." Of course they don't say why...that would be too helpful. So the freezer remains unplugged until we can move all the boxes blocking the outlet and move it over there...and Jenna's poor freezer remains crammed. But I think she's going to donate some of the milk to M&M (blog friends who welcomed their daughter via surrogacy in July) and maybe also to a local milk bank. It's amazing that Jenna alone could help all these little babies : ) She has definitely earned her stripes this year!

In other news, Addie seems to have caught a little cold. I'm guessing it's the Scotland cold Adam brought home, but luckily it hasn't hit her too hard. Just a bit of a snotty nose so far - hopefully that's all it ends up being. She still smiles big for mommy all the time so it doesn't seem to be affecting her too much.

Well, I guess that's it for tonight. Need to start thinking about heading to bed (we go to bed seriously early these days - it's so sad) so I can gear up for my middle of the night wake-up call.
Hope everyone is having a great week!
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