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Maternity Clothes....What Do You Need?

Posted Jul 18 2011 3:09pm

Paint1 When the contracts are being drawn up the subject of maternity clothing can sometimes become a hot topic. IP's seem to think that if a woman has already had a baby or two or three she should have all the maternity clothing that she will ever need for her subsequent pregnancies. And IF any money is given toward clothes its usually between $500-$750 dollars. Has anyone PRICED maternity clothing lately?

Some women, without thinking ahead, may even decide to waive the maternity clothing allowance without even considering that some of their old things will need to be replaced. Please think about what will be needed as a woman grows throughout her  pregnancy months.
    Why past maternity clothes may not work for the current pregnancy:
*Out of Season/Style Clothing: You may have clothes that are only suitable for Fall and Winter and you may need clothing for Spring and Summer. Not to mention special occasions like Christmas or a wedding and if you are a professional then work clothes are in order.
*Old under garments: Yes, a delicate subject, but I don't know one woman who has not tossed out her maternity underwear as soon as possible. Naturally those will have to be replaced. Has any one priced a maternity bra lately? And you need at least 3. What about PJ's? Sometimes your husbands old T-shirt just won't do! (Don't forget the panties as well!)
*Carrying twins or more: If you are pregnant with multiples then you will need to start wearing maternity clothing a lot earlier then usual AND you will grow faster and need much larger sizes then your other pregnancies.  
* What about shoes?: Yes, your feet will need attention too...toward the end of a pregnancy, especially with multiples, it is very hard to find something to wear on your feet. Don't be surprised if you have to go out and buy the adjustable Birkinstocks because your ankles have blown up the size of Mrs. Dumbo's!
*Under-belly support: Getting bigger then ever? Your back killing you? Then you might consider some belly support. Belly "bras" or a belly belt can really help but they don't come cheap!
    Often we forget, perhaps on purpose, that we maybe wearing some of these maternity clothes WELL AFTER the birth, while our bodies are making the brave attempt to get back to "normal". So when thinking about offering a maternity clothing allowance (IP's) or asking for a clothing stipend (surrogates) please keep the above clothing list in mind. Nine months is a long time to be wearing a MuuMuu.  Old Pueblo Traders : intimate : loungewear
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