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lower left abdominal discomforting pressure at 14 weeks pregnant is this normal?

Posted by hdeleigh

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thanks the baby is fine. i thought it was normal but this is my first pregnancy and while so far it seems to not be causing any problems i've had 28 intestinal surgeries so i was just making sure thanks tho.


A lot of women note that they have lower left abdominal discomfort around the fourteen week mark. It could be due to something called round ligament pain, or it could be pressure from the baby as it grows and makes more room in your body. These pressures and pains are usually normal, and subside after a short time (esp if you rest/relax). However if they are accompanied by things like nausea, vomitting, blood, or severe pain you should contact your doctor immediately. You should call your doctor anyway to make sure nothing is going wrong. It's better for them to check you and make sure there's nothing wrong than to wait until something serious happens. Good luck and happy pregnancy!
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