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lower abdominal pain, backache, no period

Posted by barebunny09

hello all, i was hoping maybe someone could give me some advice as my drs dont seem to believe me.

my husband is in the army and was home on leave for two weeks the beginning of march. my last period was feb twenty ninth. ever sisnce i stopped taking bcp about two years ago my periods have been fairly regular plus or minus one or two days. 

about a week before i expected my period couple days after my husband left, i started to have some light brown and pink spotting that wasnt anything like i period. it was hardly there i didnt need any protection. that weekend i started to feel really bloated i had to wear my jeans unbuttoned. the following week i started to have cramps and a back ache which is normal for my period but there was no period. i would think it was starting because i could feel something oozing out but when id go in the bathroom there was only clear discharge. my period is now two weeks late, i still have cramps and a slight backache occasionally i get sharp pains inside my breasts but only occasional tenderness. ive only been nauseous once or twice. but i frequently feel very uncomfortable and i sometimes feel my heart beating as if its going too hard or too fast. at night the cramps sometimes extend into my thighs.

ive had two negative hcg bloodtests from two different drs so i feel mostly sure that im not pregnant, but i cant remember my period ever being this late, or feeling this way before. i was hoping maybe someone else had and could help me out. ive also recently lost about fifteen pounds with no diet change or change in exercise regimen.

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