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Low or non-existent hcg levels in pregnancy / miscarriage? I am distraught!

Posted by klenmn

I have not had a period for 7 weeks.  For weeks I have had very strong early pregnancy symptoms including fatigue, persistent nausea, lightheadedness, breast enlargement and tenderness.  This would have been my 4th child, so I am familiar with how my body responds to pregnancy.  3 urine hcg tests came up negative.  Then I began cramping badly and bleeding.  I passed some large pieces of tissue as well.  Seems like a miscarriage, but the doctors won't say what they think because the hcg tests have been negative.    WHAT I would like to know is:  Could I have been pregnant even though the hcg levels were not detected by the urine tests?  Could the lack of hcg cause a miscarriage?   I am sure that I was pregnant.  Can anybody please help me understand this?  My love and thanks...K
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I have to add to your info , My daughter got caught pregnant on the 22nd of November  missed her period  so decided to do a home test, it came back negative on 6th of Dec she saw her Doctor since still no period , He did a blood test & it came back negative again  ..on the 12th of Dec he repeated the test guess what still negative result it was agreed with the Doctor that stress was the reason for her missed period as during this time she was having a  very bad time with a violent partner...and on New years Eve  she had a break down and tried to commit suicide, she was rushed into A & E and they ran tests of allsorts ..on New Years day the Hospital Sister Rang me and asked if i could come up to the Hospital I flew up thinking things were bad as she said she could not tell me over the phone , when i arrived feeling sick inside  , I was met by the Sister she took me into the side room  then begain to ask me what tablets it was possible my Daughter could have taken as she was pregnant and they needed to find out if the pills would cause any harm ..Fortunately there was a happy ending Daughter gave birth to  a beautiful Grandson..exactly 9 months to the day she concieved wrong were the doctors and tests we have the proof this is possible ..since then it has been discovered my daughter gets pregnant easily enough, but miscarries due to her hormone levels they are now looking into injections for her to higher the hormones to stome the miscarriages ,,, so please make sure you are definately not pregnant before making any rash choices .. 


I had went several months with no period and every symptom of pregnancy. I had several BT and UT they all showed no HCG levels and a sonogram also showed no baby. I was not sure what was going on I was pregnant 3 times bf that and u just know. After several months and doctors I was sent to see a specialist he thought I may have a brain tumor but first wanted to get a new blood test and redo a sonogram to check my cervix and compare it to the one done before. so this was on a Tuesday on wed they called and said congrats u r 6 weeks along I knew this was not true bc how sick I was  so thrur went for a sonogram and suprize I was 18 weeks along I delivered my son in April of 2010 I am now going throught the same thing no HCG levels and period since nov 2012 they tould me that I am expected to be around 9w3days but there are no positive blood or urine HCG test and went for a sonogram and it did not show a baby my doctor told me to start my vitamins and wait it out until we can get a positive test VIA blood work or sonogram. Good luck
I have had 4 children myself I was told with my last son that I was not expecting but that I wanted to be so my body was trying to achive that lol. I had not HCG levels in my blood or urine I also did not show on a sonogram I had 3 of them a baby. I was at my witts end and went to see a specialist after several weeks to see if they could figure out what was wrong with me I had a blood test on a Tuesday it came back positive on a weds said I was 6 weeks I went on a Thursday for a sonogram and wow I was 18weeks along the drs were in shock they did not understand it. My son was born in april of 2010 and guess what we r going through the same this again. I am around 9w3d and no HCG levels and nothing showing on the sonogram but I have not had a period since Nov 2012 and every sign of pregnancy including already showing they told me to take my vit. and wait it out and hope it does not take so long this time. Good luck hun! 

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you wont miscarriege just cuz your hcg levels. there are tons of women who've given birth with very low levels. dont stress yourself and just take care of you health traycee
your not going to mc just cause your levels are lower the 500 gen, there are women who have levels lower then 10 and still give birth to a healthy baby. those docs are to stressful for you so i think you need to go to a different doc and tell them they are being ignorent and need to shut there pieholes about you and that they can cuz stress to your body by sayin ignorent things like that.
the medicine they give to start periods only work to keep sperm away. theres no such thing to START a period because periods are eggs dying so the reason for -tablets- -pills- -medicine- is to stop procration no to start periods. i think that doctor didnt want to inform you on that im guessing.
I'm in the same boat! Over a span of 5 days my hpt progressed from a weak +, to a strong +, 1st blood test came back as a weak +, waiting on the results from the 2nd blood test, i'm praying my hcg increases! I would be devastated to MC! The Dr. seemed confused/terrible bed-side-manner & said I will most likely MC or a possible ectopic pregnancy; No cramping or bleeding though.
Trying to stay positive, after seeing posts of having low hcg levels & going on to have healthy babies :)

I was 8 weeks pregnant before it showed up and it was a very light line. I took 5 tests before hand and they all showed up NO. And my grandmother had 7 mo. of periods when she was pregant with my uncle. He came out to be a dry baby and he was healthy, he is 40 years old now.

ok so i know this sounds incredibly stupid and im probably clutching at strwas right now but i have done a lot of research and nothing i find can actually fit my situation excactly so.... i found out i was pregnant after my other half insisted i do a pregnancy test even though i had started bleeding that day, the bleeding got heavier the next day and we went to the hospital to make sure everything was ok, they confirmed i was pregnant and let me go with a scan date but told me to come back if anything changed, i took it easy that night but woke up the next day and was still bleeding only this time i was passing clots so i panicked and we went back to the hospital where an internal scan was done and they found a supposedly empty gestational sac after much searching that matched with my dates and told me that i had to come back in 2 weeks for another scan because it was too early to tell if there was a heartbeat but i was probably miscarrying, the night after i was walking back from meeting a friend with my partner and i doubled over in pain, i ended up in hospital that night where they done a pregnancy test that came back negative and took more blood which, when compared to the blood taken the day before, showed that the hgc levels in my blood were dropping, i had a scan early afternoon on the tuesday where a gestational sac could not be detected even though the woman doing the internal scan didnt even look properly, it was an in and straight out again sort of thing, i was discharged and sent home that day and i stopped bleeding completely on the wednsday, i havnt bled since, not even spotting and im due to go back for another scan on tuesday but i was wondering if there is any chance at all that my baby would have survived even though the test came back negative and the hgc levels were dropping, again i know im probably just clutching at straws but im still feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy and my stomach keeps swelling and the going down a little and then swelling again.... i really need someone to help me out with this, it is or was my first pregnancy and nobody is telling me anything... i just need to know what to expect going back in there on tuesday.... help please
I am 9 weeks late and have been having many pregnancy syptoms. Morning sickness, fatigue, light cramping, peeing more frequantly and more. I have PCOS so have a hormone inbalance normally and can be a little irregular but i never skip and entire period like i have this time. I have had a negative HPT and not sure what to do now. I have also recently had a baby (6months ago) but i have had 2 regular and normal periods since i gave birth.  
Wanted to know whether skipping a period or two after child birth was normal? if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

I had no HCG with my first pregnancy. I ended up having a miscarraige. Doctor told me that it was due to extremely low progesterone levels. I was two months late and home pregnancy test was negative. I figured I was just having problems maybe not pregnant just irregular. Then the spotting started. then the cramps (like a rabid animal wanted out of my abdomen) and bleeding and fainting. I went to the hospital and their test was negative too. I went to My Gynocologist, his test was negative too, but he was sure I was having a miscarraige. He tested my other hormones and found that my progesterone level was low. Maybe You have the same deficiency?


Im sorry you are incorrect. I have 2 grown sons, 34 & 31 years old, they are both very healthy and I had no HCG levels show up in either urine or blood tests in both pregnancies. Doctor couldn't explain it. But then again they're learning new things all the time. They still don't know everything they need to know about the human body.

Went to the Dr. For a yearly exam ... He ended up doing a vaginal ultrasound ... Seen a sac and said I was pregnant ... Sent me for the blood test ... I call this morning and it came back neg ... Less than 1 .... And they said probably a miscarriage just might not have passed it ... I still believe I am too early for HCG and they are wrong ! I need some insight I have 6 days to wait and it's killin me ! HELP 

Hi i am 5 weeks pregnant and have a very low HGC level which is below 500, doc said that i will most prob has a MC , going again for my second blood test on tuesday to be sure, devastated and really sad! amazing how you start to love something so tiny!
re jturner  omg! really i tested positive by blood friday but low (dont know level) been having some bleeding since saturday but nothing like my usual period  and no pain. yesterday's (tuesday) blood test is negative with a level below 5. but i feel pregnant. woke up with morning sickness this morning. been having low blood pressure for like 4 weeks. low back ache, tired, boobs feel bigger, ... could i still b prregnant? going for another blood test next week. 
was it negative until 10 weeks by blood or urine?
Has anyone had a viable pregnancy w/ a hcg level of 10? I'm 4 weeks along, and they're pretty sure this pregnancy isn't going to happen!! I've read a few sites that say not to worry - low hcg levels can still end w/ healthy babies. I know I have to wait till the next blood test, but I'm worried we're gona loose this pregnancy!!!
i missed my periods for 8 week and had swallon epidotrium no nausea but bad cramping and tender breast and -ve hcg test then doctor concluded i was not pregnanat and given tablet to get periods i want to know whether i was pregnant
Dear Klemn,  there is a possibility you were pregnant.  Although pregnancy tests are extremely sensitive to HcG levels they are not as sensitive as blood tests and can go undetected until HcG levels increase to a level the pregnancy test will detect. This is normally quite quick as HcG levels increase rapidly each day. However, if you have spontaneously miscarried as fast as HcG levels can increase they can also decrease and by the time you have retested the levels are low again.  I hope that makes sense. I would speak to your doctor and although there is no clinical evidence to show you were pregnant, I would suggest this needs to be documented what you have experienced and I would suggest this be documented as an unconfirmed pregnancy. Also low HcG levels cannot cause miscarriages. I hope this helps.
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