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Looking for "One Good Surrogate"!

Posted May 01 2012 10:30am
IPs with Surrogate What is a "good surrogate" anyway? What type of qualities does one need to be in that illusive category of being Good? We all know that if a woman qualifies according to the clinical guidelines that she certainly should be at least Ms. "Good Enough".
Being a "good surrogate" really does go beyond the BMI and age requirements. Beyond how healthy or how easy her pregnancies were. Intended Parents (and agencies alike) seem to be looking for that 'thing' that will set one woman apart from all the others. Below is a list of those other qualities that seem to be in demand and I am going to write a series of articles about each point. Some maybe tongue in cheek and others I maybe quite serious about but all have a bit of truth in them!
Number One: A 'Good Surrogate' should show that she is totally committed to the surrogacy process.
Number Two: A 'Good Surrogate' is always easy to communicate with and easily reachable as well as responsive.
Number Three: A 'Good Surrogate' follows directions to a T and will double, no, TRIPLE check her doctors orders if she has the slightest question.
Number Four: A 'Good Surrogate' will put her Intended Parents first in all aspects during the pregnancy and her family will support her in her cause.
Number Five: A 'Good Surrogate' doesn't "need the money" that she may earn through being a carrier for another couple. It's just extra cash to spend on her family.
Number Six: A 'Good Surrogate' will take great pains to stay away from any toxic chemicals (no acrylic nails or cigarette smoke).
Number Seven: A 'Good Surrogate' is one who watches what she eats. She is trying to eat mostly organic foods and avoids fast food joints.
Number Eight: A 'Good Surrogate' loves to exercise and is in the best health possible.
Number Nine: A 'Good Surrogate' will consider her Intended Parents wishes when it comes to possible selective reduction and termination.
Number Ten: A 'Good Surrogate' has educated herself and isn't afraid to educate others about what she is doing.
Number Eleven: A 'Good Surrogate' will understand the demands of a new baby on her Intended Parents and know that they can't always be as close as they once were.
Number Twelve: A 'Good Surrogate' becomes a "Great Surrogate" after all of the above have happened. A Great Surrogate usually wants to be matched again and enjoyed the entire experience.
Now don't think that after this "Good Surrogate" series that I will have left out Intended Parents! What do you think makes "Good Intended Parents"? Because that will be the next topic of conversation!
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