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LONG night last night.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
So today we're tired. Addie Mae decided sleep was not important last night - at least until around 4am when her dad finally caved and brought her into bed with him. Again with the co-sleep issue...I think I've mentioned we're not into the co-sleeping FOR US (no judgment on anyone else though). Just makes us too nervous. When I'm sleeping, I'm ASLEEP - it used to take me a while to fall asleep, but once I'm there watch out. It takes a lot to get me up. I don't have those "mommy ears" yet, and I'm fairly positive there's a reasonable chance I would roll over too close to my daughter, or pull the massive comforter up over both of us. Adam is a much lighter sleeper - he hears everything, hence the reason the cradle is on his side right now.

Last night Addie just wouldn't chill out. She peed on her miracle blanket (we were panic stricken) so we tried to swaddle her in one we 'borrowed' from the hospital. Now, Adam is an expert swaddler - he wraps her up like a tiny baby burrito. Fort Knox of the swaddle. But last night she managed to poke her arm out within 30 seconds after being swaddled. Not good. So we ended up waiting for the miracle blanket to be *almost* dry and used it. It worked but still not perfect for some reason last night. It was only when Adam brought her to bed (on his side, carefully positioned) that she finally, and we finally, went to sleep.

It seems like just when we think we're getting into a 'routine', she throws us for a loop. Get used to it, right?

Had our doctor's appointment today and Addie's doing great. Doctor would still like to see her gaining a bit more so we're upping the supplementation a bit (every other feed), which means longer feeds and a little less "free" time for me. I hope we don't have to continue this supplementation for long...the whole tube thing is not that easy to use and it would be practically impossible to use "out". That would take breastfeeding in public to a whole new level.

In other baby news, her belly button fell off! It happened a few days ago but I forgot to post about it (does anyone really care about Addie's belly button? Probably not.) - luckily it fell off in her sleeper. We were worried it would pop off one day and Quincy would end up batting it around and then probably eating it. Disgusting, but this dog will eat practically anything.

Ok, it's feeding time again. I'm pretty much feeling like a cow these days. Adam has taken to calling me "Dairy Queen" for fun - don't know if I should be offended or just accept that it's a fitting nickname...

Hope everyone is having a great day.
Talk soon,
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