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Load Overload

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:01pm
I don't mind doing laundry. It's not as if I have to go out to the stream and beat my family's clothing on rocks. In the washing machine. Into the dryer. Fold and put away. Time consuming, but not exactly hard work.

You get used to it. You go through the motions. You don't think about it much. And then every year it happens.

I'm talking about  Fall and *shudders* Winter laundry.

Summer laundry is the best you're going to get. Everyone walks around half naked, short-sleeves or no sleeves at all, shorts, light fabrics, etc. In the summer I can get away with 6 loads of laundry on a good week, for a family of 5. Including towels.

Fall comes and I realize I'm screwed. It happens every year and for some inane reason, I'm always shocked when it hits. My 6 loads becomes 12. Twelve in a single week. Damn heavy jeans, sweaters, everyone wearing light layers that equal twice the amount of clothing to wash.

Then it all comes back. You remember last year in the dead of winter, when you were chained to the washing machine. A slave to your family's clothing.

Winter brings t-shirts over long-sleeve shirts over sweatshirts over the jacket they couldn't help but spill something on. Sicky mittens and scarves and hats. 40,000 pairs of socks because the ones they put on first thing in the morning somehow got wet. All while I do the unthinkable, an average of 16 loads of laundry a week. At 2 hours a load, I'm spending 32 hours a week loading, unloading, folding and putting away laundry. It's just about a full time job.

And every single year it gets worse. The clothes get bigger because the kids get bigger. Bigger clothes means more loads. More loads makes mommy want to cry.

I now understand why my mom made me learn to do my own laundry when I was 7. She worked nights and didn't want to spend her daylight sleeping hours washing my clothes. I already make Kaylee put her own clothes away, but I haven't yet made her do her own laundry. I think she can manage it just fine, but she's only home half the time (because of the co-parenting) and half of that time is when she's asleep. If I told her she was in charge of her own laundry, it would never get done and then I've be the one screwed 20 minutes before the bus came with her still in pajamas crying that she had nothing to wear.

Or she's want to do her laundry while I was still using the washing machine and she would use it as an excuse as to why her laundry never gets done. I remember trying that on my mom. Of course, those were the good old days where a quick smack did wonders for a childs motivation.
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