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little gym and music class

Posted Oct 14 2008 5:00am

As the overachieving parents we sometimes tend to be these days, I'm willing to bet you all have taken your wee one to some kind of "organized class"--such as Gymboree, Little Gym, KinderMusik, Spanish class or some other such class.

How do I feel about these classes? I think they are great for moms to meet other moms. Do I think they help develop little six-month-old minds? Not really. (If you want to read more on this, I would recommend fellow Baby Buncher Pamela Paul's Parenting, Inc.)

My son was the absolute worst organized class participant . He wouldn't sit still in music class to save his life or participate in baby gymnastics. I spent more time running after him than I ever spent in class meeting moms. But I persevered.

If you do enjoy taking these classes and your baby is a model citizen, then you are my hero. As soon as baby #2 arrives, you will surely think having some activity will be great because it will get you out of the house to be with other moms, right? My advice, stick to playgroups with your close friends. Don't try classes with a baby and toddler in tow. It's not a pretty sight.

I recently found the email exchange between Cara and me about my first organized activity after Anna was born. She was 8 weeks old and he was about 18 months.

My initial email: 

I took Alex to Little Gym today, the same one they have in the US only in Swedish. I wanted to kill myself after about 10 minutes. First of all, Anna wouldn't hang out in the car seat so I had to Bjorn her. Then Alex didn't want to have anything to do with the singing or the stuff they do before they actually play on the fun equipment. He just wanted to play on the equipment. Meanwhile, she was still fussing. His pant legs of his overalls kept coming undone and he was tripping over it. Then he started to play OK like all the other kids. Then they brought out the balls and I thought he would love He flipped and started crying and screaming. I'm like WTF. Then he ran to the door to leave. We couldn't leave because we came with another lady as a sample class. Because I'm just too stupid, we went to the same lady's house afterwards. (Obviously, I'll never learn). He started to destroy everything and the more tired he got the worse. Then decided to start pushing her kid and biting me. OMG...I just wanted to die of embarrassment.

Cara's response:

OMG you poor thing. I have totally been there. This is the scene at C ade's music class basically every week. I signed him up thinking Drew would rest peacefully in his carrier - NOT.  So i 'Bjorn' him every week and dance around with scarves and instruments like a fool with Cade on my hip (b/c for some reason the music flips him out - I think it is sensory overload) and Drew on my chest.  At least it is a good workout but the teacher hates me.
I was briefly contemplating returning to Gymboree, but you have convinced me not to, since this is surely what it will look like for us as well.  I still have 12 sessions left that I paid for, but I think I will hold onto them until Drew is old enough and then take him while Cade is in school
All I can say is, it's not just you - I have been there (many times) wanting to die of embarrassment as well.
Live and learn, I say. Baby Bunching is all about trial and error. And organized classes were a big error on my part. We didn't set foot in another class until Anna was two. Anyone else had an experience like this?
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