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light period

Posted by sammaxwell

last May 14 i had un protected sex with my bf. on June 1 i had my regular period heavy and lasted for 7 days and before that i have sore breast and cramps. then just this Jun 29 i had my period but it was so light and lasted for 3 days. i didn't had any sore breast or craps befor that, but now i am having cramps after my period has ended. what could it be? pls hepl me.
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So take a deep breath, based on what you've said, there is nothing that screams pregnancy. Have you take a home pregnancy test? If you've taken them correctly and they've come back negative, theres a good chance you're not pregnant. Along those same lines, if you are sure that you've had your period since the sexual encounter on may 14, then you are not pregnanct since women do not get their period during pregnancy. Sometimes there is vaginal bleeding that occurs, and it can happen during the time of a regular period, but it isn't actual one. You should talk to your doctor with your concerns, and they'll be able to tell you what's going on with your body. Hope this helps!
well i haven't had time to buy a pregnancy test  and an appointment but i will. thanks for your help.
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