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Life Has Been a Bit of a Blur

Posted Feb 23 2012 10:00am

Firstly, let me clarify about my last post : I’m not leaving you all forever, just moving. Are we cool? Cool. Hope you’ll follow me to the new digs .

Right so… A short post today just to say that my life? A bit of a blur lately.

Here’s how my my life has been pretty much on any given day the last couple of weeks:

Wake up, shockingly refreshed and well-rested. Shower and make some kind of breakfast. This often involves a cup of tea and a bowl of Greek yogurt. Check email on phone. Did the world explode while I was asleep? No? Good, let’s get on with the day.

Quick review of Twitter and Facebook. Anything major happening in the world overnight? No? Good. Time to get to work.

9am – 2pm
Work like a mofo. Remember to hydrate. Stuff I’ve been doing:

  • Writing proposals for various writing gigs/social media projects
  • Sending out more emails than one girl ever should in a 4 hour period
  • Maintaining the RESOLVE New England website
  • Writing email newsletters & blog posts
  • Drafting multiple editorial calendars for multiple websites
  • Futzing around with CSS coding I have no business playing with
  • Hunting for stock imagery (preferably free) to accompany content creation
  • Scouring RSS feeds for relevant content to post on various social media platforms
  • Drafting a book proposal
  • Writing, editing and formatting 4 eBooks
  • Playing with WordPress plugins to figure out how they work and which one will work best
  • Registering for conferences like BlogHer Entrepreneurs in March
  • Getting interviewed – twice
  • Building a media kit for myself
  • Actually pinning physical clips and inspiration to a for reals pin/vision board and no, I have not yet jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet for a variety of reasons
  • Writing exclusively in html code like it ain’t no thang, b/c I can admit now, that yes, it ain’t no thang

Pop handful of horse pill-sized vitamins, including: 600mg of calcium, 1400mg of fish oil with 1000mg of omega-3, 400mcg of folic acid, and a women’s multivitamin. Try to stifle the fish burps as much as possible throughout the day. Daily cravings of salmon have increased tenfold.

Lunch! Try to go for something healthy as much as possible, balancing out proteins and veggies. If I go protein/carb heavy for lunch, I push veggies and greens for dinner, and vice versa. Past lunches have included: Italian-style eggs in a basket, chili-lime marinated and grilled shrimp with grilled pineapple, salad with blue cheese, apples, walnuts and sesame dressing, English muffin pizzas, and cheese, cornichons, sausage and cracker plates.

Continue the work begun in the 9am-2pm block.

Go to the gym. Either spend a half-hour doing cardio or attend a yoga class upwards of 90 minutes long. Sweat. Get moving. Hydrate. Feel awesome.

This varies with the night. Sometimes we have dinner during this block. Sometimes I’m leading a peer support group or attending a networking event. Sometimes I play Skyrim. Sometimes I sit on the couch and watch old episodes of Castle. It varies day by day.

9pm-12am (or later)
Continue work from the 3-6pm block OR play Skyrim. More often than not? Working.

12am – 8am
Sweet, blessed sleep.

Lather, rinse, repeat daily.

Things I Have Not Seen in About 10 Days:

  • The outside world beyond the gym, the grocery store and the gas station.
  • The news.
  • Friends.
  • A movie.
  • My husband. (Just kidding, but we’ve both been super busy).

And this is just the reader’s digest version of my life as of late. I feel completely and totally disconnected from the world and blogosphere at large lately.

What have I missed? What’s going on? What’s your big news, your mundane news, your not news at all but I want to tell you about this anyway?

Fill me in on the comments. Link up to appropriate posts. Give me the skinny on what’s been happening for you lately.

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