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Life . . .Blah, blah, blah

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

Wow, it's been about 6 weeks since I last posted. I kept meaning too, but lack of free time and lack of internet made it impossible. Wireless internet seems fantastic on paper, but is far more unreliable in action. A big thank you to the guy across the street. Yeah, I'm stealing your internet. It blows, but it blows a less than mine does.

I wanted to post about recovery from a c-section, to inform others and more importantly, to help myself remember the pain. The memory of the pain is the first thing to go when your child gets bigger and you long for another baby. So in short - it hurts, a lot. It sucks to walk, it sucks to cough, even sleeping sucks. Constant pain for days even with pain killers. There, maybe that will help when I get the need to procreate again.

Monster Baby (Jocelyn's new, fun nickname) turned 2 months this past Wednesday. She and the Hellion are fantastic children that doesn't deserve the nicknames I bestow upon them, but well, tough.

Anyway, Monster Baby is wonderful. She still doesn't really cry, just kind of grunts, which I appreciate. She can cry, I've heard her do it when getting a shot, she just chooses not to. Thoughtful. She's sleeping through the night just about every night, helping me keep my sanity (sleep is my very best friend). She's a happy baby, smiling, laughing and making baby talk for about 90% of her awake time. While using the baby gym, she discovered "the baby in the mirror". She loves "the baby in the mirror" and talks to her constantly.

The Hellion has adjusted well to being the oldest as opposed to the only. She still gets a little possessive of me but she has accepted that we are not going to give Monster Baby back to the hospital. She has taken her job on pacifier patrol in the car and when I'm cooking dinner very seriously. She has now been promoted to watching Monster Baby and keeping her entertained if I have to run downstairs for a minute to get a bottle or something.

The Hellion is at her dad's house today. The husband has taken Monster Baby to his see his mom. I am alone in my own home. It is fantastic. I could do anything. How freeing. Of course, I only ate, did the dishes and a load of laundry and am now writing this, but that isn't the point. I COULD do anything.

Things with the husband are fine, normal even. Once I was less hormonal we had the talk I was dreading. I got honest (I believe) answers to my questions and decided that while I hate how he treated me and that he had this girl, that if it was in fact platonic then I don't feel the need to divorce him right now. He apologized profusely and we've decided to start over. He knows that if I ever learn that he lied to keep me from leaving him or if he ever makes me feel as crappy as he did then, I'll leave immediately. More importantly, I know that I gave him a second chance and that I did all I could.

The husband has just called and he and Monster Baby are on their way home, thus ending my free time. I'm going to attempt to post some new pictures if time allows, but if not, I'll do it the next time I find wireless internet unguarded in the neighborhood.

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