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"Let's take little jimmy to the park." "Ok, I'll get his leash."

Posted Mar 23 2010 12:00am
I'm sure I will have many readers who will not agree with me here - but it has to be said.

Last weekend, while at Sea World I noticed this -

That's right, readers - it's a child on a leash!

I know many of you have seen these in public places before and maybe some of you have even used them before. I don't get it.

Why leash your child? I mean, has it really come to this? Leashing your child.

Is it that hard to keep tabs on your child while in a public place? Is it possible that without the leash, your child will run off and join the circus?

I'm not a mom, yet. But I know that I will not use this contraption when I do become a mother. I don't see the use. My mom never needed a leash - we just knew to not run off. We were disciplined and actually respected our parents. I used to think my mom had eyes all around her head because she always knew where we were and when. If we strayed a little bit, she knew it.

Maybe things are different now because there are more distractions? Like a cell phone for instance - it is really hard to keep tabs on your 3 year old when you're talking on your cell the whole time. Don't forget that cell phones now allow twitter, facebook, and blog updates. It's must be more important to update that you are at sea world, leash walking your toddler than to actually pay attention to said toddler.

You're suppose to leash your dog, not you're toddler.

Am I the only one who feels this way?
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