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Let me help you survive this Christmas! And Lola Berry’s amazing Chrissy Cupcakes

Posted Dec 21 2012 10:11pm

by mnfadmin on December 21, 2012

Surviving the festive season can be difficult. There are so many commitments, indulgent foods, alcohol, late nights, socialising, temptation.  It's hard to keep hold of the reigns at times (best leave them to the reindeers anyway right?!)  The theme at Christmas seems to be "go hard", and then when that's done, go even harder! Everywhere to you turn celebrities, health professionals and guru's give their best advice on how to get through this time of year. I sat here to type my 'tips' to get through the next few days but I struggled to get my point across. OF course the first thing I think of to say is "eat well, sleep enough, drink adequate water", but that stuff you already know and hear on repeat like a broken tape deck.

I wanted to remind you to focus on choice.  Your choices. The choices we all make, not just this time of the year but all year to be a better, healthy person and to reward your body with everything it deserves.

This Christmas season, please be kind to yourself and create space in order to have YOU time. No matter what. Create the space. You are in charge of your schedule. Schedule in some down time, even if for 5 minutes to sit and be still, clear your mind and focus on your breathing.  Mini meditation can replenish much better than sugary sweets or coffee which will only find you more tired, trying to pick yourself up off the office floor and heading back to the vending machine for your next hit. Go for a walk, get to bed 30 minutes earlier or rise with the sun and just enjoy.

I'm choosing this Christmas to be less indulgent in the foods I eat, and more indulgent through

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