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Laugh and Learn :: About Childbirth

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm
Hello all, this is my first post that will be one in three posts dedicated to the Laugh and Learn DVD collection. I was very happy when I was offered a chance to do a review on these DVD's. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant so the timing could not be better. Add to the fact that with every pregnancy I have been either on full or semi bed rest and have never been able to attend a childbirth class. So I finally was able to do so.

First I will go ahead and give a little background on the Instructor. Sherry Bayles RN, is an award winning Certified Lamaze Instructor, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She is also is the CEO and spokeswoman for the best-selling DVD series LAUGH AND LEARN ABOUT CHILDBIRTH, ABOUT NEWBORN BABY CARE and ABOUT BREASTFEEDING. As a Mom, and a nurse, and a well-respected female entrepreneur in the world of childbirth education, Sheri understands the busy world of parenting these days.

The Laugh and Learn About Child Birth DVD is a two disc set. There are 6 segments. The segments cover anatomy and signs of labor, breathing techniques, labor and comfort measures, delivery and pushing, medications used during labor, induction, cesarean deliveries, and postpartum vaginal delivery. There are real couples in the video as this is a real class and at the end of each segment Sherry goes over some of the things discussed, and allows questions to be asked. The couples ask some good questions and there's even an update with these couples at the end of the video.

Sherry is truly hilarious and has no problem with using physical comedy. She also uses real life scenarios (stories from work and her own personal experiences) to help you understand. She is very informative and explains at lot of things like why certain procedures are done during the birth process and what/why your body is doing certain things, which helps to makes sense of things. All the while still being very humorous along the way yet still being very informative, so you will never get bored. Her teachings are very mother centered, as in being more supportive to the mother, and for the women to trust their body. And to allow the mother more freedom during labor. She also goes over the pros and cons of medications. The information is also more update as to what is currently being taught in birthing schools. For me what was an eye opener are that some things are still being practiced in hospitals that are basically old fashioned birthing techniques and beliefs. Which have no benefit to mother and baby. I learned so much and I am one who has researched and read pregnancy books and etc. She is able to break down the usual scientific and boring language and put it in plain English.

I definitely recommend Laugh and Learn About Childbirth video for first time and non first time mothers. Especially if you are not a reader, or find a lot of the language used when reading boring or non understandable. It's also great for mothers on the go who won't or don't have time to go to an actual class. I am pretty sure that the classes that I would have taken at my hospital would not have even been half as entertaining. The video will surely have your attention from beginning to end.

At the end of my series posts on the Laugh Learn DVD collection (and most likely after I have the baby). We will be having a contest/giveaway. Where one lucky reader will be able to win a free copy of the series.

So make sure to stay tuned.

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