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last month my period came 4 days earlier, this month i am 6 days late, took a preg test came back negative.

Posted by mandy1981

so last month my period came 4 days early, and this month im 6 days late. i took a preg test came back neg. does anyone have any idea what is going on?

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it finally showed up today only 8 days late. must have been the deployment, i just dont remember it having the same effect last time. oh well thanks for the help and concern.
maybe it was his deployment that screwed with your cycle.  I know when my Husband got deployed the cycle of the pre-deployment training, and after the big goodbye were all wacked out.
on my last cyle in aug my gyn put me on clomid, since we have been ttc for a few years, but i only took one cycle, and the last time we bd'ed was aug 27th, husband is in iraq again. got my period on sept 2nd which was about 4 days early. then this month i havent gotten it yet. been a little stressed, but nothing over the top, havent been sick, just really tired, took one sleeping pill like 2 weeks ago, other than that nothing out of the norm. thanks
Have you taken any medications lately? Been sick? More stressed out than normal?
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