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last month i was one day late it didnt fell like a period and this month im 2 days late havnt had sex since sept.7.09

Posted by Lilliana

last month i was one day late it didnt fell like a period and this month im 2 days late havnt had sex since sept.7.09 can i still b pregnat
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Oh.. I meant to ask what was the beta number for the blood draw?  Not what base number, although it will be the base to determine how your hCG is progressing.  Sorry bout that.. I didn't realize until I hit the submit button.

What was the base number and at what point were you in your cycle (like cycle day--- counting from the first day of full red flow for this cycle).


(FYI: all caps in the internet world is like yelling. Please be concious of it- thanks ;))


Did they give you any medical basis for their statement?  They do a blood beta test? a urine test?

last month what seem like my period did'nt fell like it u know what i mean it came for 2days heavy and then stop for 1 day and came back for 2days but light and thats why i dont know i dont drink any meds or antibiotics nothing stressful or a move and i went to the doctor and i have no illness they told me i was prefectly fine that if i didnt get my period this month on the october 27 till sunday i was more likly pregant and im kind of scared cause i havnt been taking care of my self 

it is important to note that pregnancy related bleeding is not the same as a period bleed.

Anything stressful happening in your life? a move? illness? antibiotics or any new meds?

ok thank you just wanted to make sure cause still no period and my mom got her period for 4 to6 months when she actual found out she was pregant with me all here test came back negitve urien and blood just wanted to make sure
if you haven't had sex since then and have had a bleed between then and now..then I'd go with not pregnant
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